The First Annual Katerva Conference on Innovation in Sustainability

Wed, 07 Mar 2012 08:30 - 16:00 JST

United Nations University, Tokyo, U. Thant Lecture Hall

5–53–70 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8925 Japan


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Schedule of the event

(Note: This program may be subject to change without notice)


8:30             Doors open

9:00             Welcome from host Kenneth Cukier, Tokyo Correspondent, The Economist

9:05             Message from the Prime Minister of Japan

9:10             Opening Remarks – Chair of Katerva Japan Steering Committee and Chief Development Officer Patricia Bader-Johnston

9:12             Conversation with Katerva Founder / author, Terry Waghorn and William Saito, Entrepreneur / author

9:20             Presenting: the 2011 Most Innovative Ideas!

*       Barefoot Power, Rick Hooper, CEO

*       Nissan Leaf (tbc)

*       Sanergy, David Auerbach, CEO

*       Solarclave, Anna Young, Founder

*       The China Study, Mamiko Matsuda, Translator

10:35           Video overview of more Katerva Award winning projects

10:50           Davos Report on Innovation in Sustainability - Kubo Keiichi, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

11:05           Special Katerva Report on Innovation and Sustainability - The Harrison Group

11:20            “From Social Norm to Social Reality: The Tipping Point Trends Driving Sustainability    Mainstream” - Dominic Harrison, Head of Global Trends, Future Foundation

11:35           Hiroki Kondo, Principal Scientist Global warming Research Project for IPCC AR5 Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)


11:50           Remarks by Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado

11:55           Remarks by US Ambassador John V. Roos 


12:00           Networking Lunch


1:00             Panel 1: Facing Facts: “Implications for 2049”

*       Harrison Group

*       Dominic Harrison, Head of Global Trends, Future Foundation

*       Kubo, Keiichi, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

*       Hiroki Kondo, Principal Scientist (GWRP for IPCC AR5), JAMSTEC

1:45            Panel 2:  “The Role of Innovation in Achieving a Sustainable Future for Japan and How Can Policy-makers and Governments Enable Innovation?

*       Jakob Eckberg, Managing Director GR Japan

*       The Hon. Mieko Nakabayashi, Member of the House of Representatives for Kanagawa 

*       Ms. Minako Zenyoji, Chair of the Eco-Japan Cup Committee


2:30          Business Leaders Panel: “Integrating innovation – What Will it Take for Business/Society to Change?”

-Hitachi, Keiichi Ushijima, CSR Strategy Division

- Brooks Herring, Vice President Communications and Operations, Solar Frontier

- Eduardo Fukui, Managing Director, Clean Green Partners Ltd

- Ernst & Young Shinnihon Japan (tbc)

3:30              Katerva Awards for Sustainability in Innovation Award Ceremony

3:45              Closing Comments

3:50              Close



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